Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Conspiracy Site de la Semaine

Here's another propagandistic site attempting to pass itself off as a "one-stop shop" for credible, unbiased news.

It's a classic recipe followed time and again in "progressive" areas of the blogosphere...

Step 1: choose specific anti-American themes and memes.
Step 2: in support, cherry-pick "real" news, and present opinion as fact.
Step 3: manipulate readers into thinking they are the informed ones.
Step 4: make shameless pleas for "activists" and "truth-seekers" to send in donations.

With so many "progressives" arrogantly (and desperately) seeking to use their political and/or religious beliefs to assert their moral/intellectual superiority, there are certainly plenty of easy marks out there, and the proliferation of these "alternative media" sites confirms plenty of them are getting suckered in.