Saturday, September 15, 2007

ThinkProgress, CAP's "Progressive" Echo Chamber

The "honey do" list is today's top priority, but, after perusing the venom being spewed in the "liberal" blogosphere over outgoing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' farewell ceremony, one quick post is in order. (Note to self, be careful reading "progressive" echo chambers over the morning coffee, as the hot liquid may suddenly be ejected through the nasal passages or require an extra swallow to counteract the gag reflex, depending on whether their depraved ranting elicits laughing or crying.)

Tracking ThinkProgress back to their parent organization, CAP, and then to the "About Us" page, we get a glimpse of how these "progressives" define themselves:

Who is a progressive?

Founded on the ideals of the progressive movement at the turn of the century, today’s progressive movement believes that an open and effective government can improve the lives of everyday Americans by playing an active role in solving social and economic problems.

In other words, a progressive is someone who is idealistic enough to believe that things can be better and pragmatic enough to get it done.

Image Hosted by

What is wrong with this picture? Did they really intend to suggest that a person who fits into their narrow definition of a "progressive" is patriotic, while all others are xenophobes?

Sites such as these which are maintained by the Center for American Progress Action Fund leave no stone unturned in their quest to hurl childish insults at “prudish” Republicans, conservatives and especially politically active "born again" Christians. One might expect a bit more deep thought and incisive analysis to be produced by an “action fund” tethered to CAP, a think-tank financed to the tune of $25 million per year, but it’s no better than what’s coming from your typical dead-ender still living in one of their divorced parents’ basement or drug-addled 60s/70s adherent still wandering around in a decades-old fog blaming others for their own inability to find “peace and love.” Or maybe that’s where these anarchist, communist, socialist and other anti-establishment types get their material?

Based on their 2005 tax return, CAP’s 501(c)(4) “action fund” took in $1.7 million and burned through $1.4 million in contributions. (It may well be more per annum in subsequent years.)

One would expect an “action fund” being managed by an organization which is trademarking itself heavily with the word “progress” would have meaningful and positive results to show for $1.4 million, but alas all which can be found is a propaganda mill and an echo chamber.

Come to think of it, one nice byproduct is having all the nutty “liberals” who literally buy into this effluent practicing their “activism” while safely glued to their computers, instead of interfering with commerce and destroying property whilst rioting in the streets. Sane and rational observers can only hope the more imbalanced people in this group can get professional psychiatric help before their unhinged thoughts and behaviors start seeping out into the “real world.”

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank "Progressives" for Iraq Gridlock

RWNH sums up the political climate and calculus of the week quite accurately:

What we have seen this past week with the Petraeus testimony and the Bush speech is that facts don’t matter as much as political calculation with regards to the war. No one has been swayed by anything anyone has said about what is happening in Iraq. And no one is likely to be affected in the future by any arguments or even facts on the ground coming out of that country. Everyone’s mind appears to be made up except for a handful of GOP Senators and Congressmen who know what they believe about the war but have not quite taken the step of abandoning the President yet. That may change by January when the funding issue is revisited. Until then, Petreaus gets to continue his good work, hoping to build upon his small successes while Bush can try to push a reluctant Iraqi government toward at least the appearance of reconciliation.

We have been at this point in the Iraq debate for close to two years and nothing has changed. I suppose that there is some benefit of reiterating the same positions over and over, if only to remind us of how very far apart we are on this and other issues. Perhaps that reminder will spur us to greater efforts to bridge the gap between the two sides so that we can find an honorable way out of Iraq without leaving behind a Middle East blood bath but I’m doubting it.

For that to happen, someone would have to make the first move. And as it stands now, both sides are too proud, too rigid to make that happen.

Well, it didn't take one one of the "liberals" (Drongo) who hangs out at the site long at all to pose a question, one which in his mind has most likely already been answered along the lines of "cut and run."
What sort of first move would you suggest?

To which I replied:

First move would be for the Democrats to stop making political hay out of the specter of failure in Iraq. It boggles the mind such a despicable tactic would be employed at a time when U.S. forces are in harm's way, no less by people who continually catapult the propaganda about how they "support the troops" and Republicans/conservatives don't.

Of course the moonbats who continue to insist "Bush is not my president" or "it's Bush's war, not mine" are still out of their hateful, illogical, BDS-addled minds, but it's hard to blame them completely when a bipartisan action by Congress authorized the war, yet now one of those parties is attempting to disavow ownership of it after the going got tough and public approval waned.

Congressional Democrats could be showing backbone and leadership, standing strong in the face of a fickle, war-weary public and making the best of a bad situation they helped to initiate, but instead these hypocritical cowards are preemptively declaring an on-going mission to be "a failure" on the one hand, while continuing to fund it on the other, and somehow being allowed by their supporters to reconcile this obviously self-serving and conflicted behavior under the false pretense "Bush lied us into war" in the first place.

Center for American "Progress"

This left-wing propaganda mill, headed up by former Clinton Administration Chief of Staff John Podesta, has been bilking their supporters out of upwards of $25 million (close to $10 million going to salaries, benefits and consultants) based on 2005 Form 990 submissions to the IRS. With a mere 57% of contributions coming from the "general public," there are subversives with some pretty deep pockets lurking in the shadows behind this one.

Note the above numbers don't even include the $1.4 million burned up by their "action fund" (close to $1 million of that going to salaries, benefits and consultants).

What do they have to show for it? As just one example, anti-American tripe such as this, transparent as fine lead crystal to even a modestly objective individual, yet quite effective at manipulating the minds of the target audience which is financing it.

Apparently the hapless intern who penned it and the board of directors which approved CAP's disclosure page must have expected the reader to be in a state of "willing suspension of disbelief."
The Center for American Progress is a non-profit, non-partisan organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

An educational think-tank which is truly non-partisan wouldn't be releasing a slick, highly politicized video as a preemptive strike, specially crafted to undermine a planned address to the nation being delivered by the president of the United States during a time of war. It's pretty clear what kind of "progress" is envisioned by people who would engage in such despicable, underhanded tactics.

America continues to be a noble and good nation, and of course the vast majority of people want to live peacefully and justly, and help those who are the least among us to better their lives. Still, however much we agree on the overall direction, there is significant disagreement on how to accomplish those goals and their associated priorities.

Suffice to say the "liberation" which resulted from public policies (and attitudes) in 60s/70s has yielded its maximum benefit, and it is clear government programs (and further erosion of societal mores) are not the universal solution to issues rooted in ignorance and poverty.

Although most of the everyday people who give their time and/or money to these "progressive causes" probably do so with the best of intentions, they are kept so preoccupied with heaping scorn on their boogeymen (e.g. conservatives, Republicans, "born again" Christians) and cheering on their heroes (e.g. liberals, Democrats, "peace" activists) they do not take the time to think through what their plans would actually yield, i.e. "socialism lite."

Heaven help us if the likes of Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kuchinich become the norm on our political landscape rather than the fringe exception, as that will signal the end of the very freedom and strength which heretofore has maintained America as a shining beacon in the world.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moonbats vs. Patriots, Round Two

Moonbats are again converging on Washington D.C. this Saturday, September 15, to exercise their First Amendment right to act like complete imbeciles in public, presumably justifying their childish antics because they're unhappy about our current military action in Iraq and frustrated over losing credibility with each successive campaign to stop it. Sane and rational observers can only guess at what these malcontents and sociopaths hope to actually accomplish by staging yet another mass display of dysfunctional levels of anger and paranoia, while the event organizers continue to delude themselves into believing they will finally be taken seriously by ratcheting up the levels of hostility, which in reality have been steadily driving away potential supporters. Here are their goals, plans and tactics, in the words of Adam Kokesh, one of the prime instigators:
Dear Veterans For Peace,

As many of you are aware, the next big mobilization of anti-war protestors is going to be in Washington, DC on September 15th. However, you may not be aware of the significance of this particular demonstration. Tina Richards of Grassroots America and I have been working extensively with the ANSWER Coalition to make sure that this is not just another protest. We have made the theme, "Protesting is not enough. Come for the rally, stay for a week of direct action."

To kick off the week of action, after the rally we will march from the White House to the Capitol, and go straight into a mass civil-disobedience die-in around the Peace Monument. The die-in will be led by an Honor Guard of Iraq Veterans Against the War who will simulate a 21-Gun Salute before taps is played to initiate the die-in. We are asking as many members of VFP as possible to sign up to wear cammies and die-in around us to symbolize the American cost of this war. We will be encircled by bolts of red cloth to symbolize the Iraqi deaths and invite anyone else from the rally to participate in the die-in.

Sunday will be a day of teach-ins including a Truth In Recruiting Workshop led by IVAW. That evening, IVAW DC will be holding a benefit concert. Monday is National Truth In Recruiting Day, and there will be numerous activities planned and we will need your help with an action at the main recruiting office in DC. Tuesday is Congressional Challenge Day led by Tina Richards. Wednesday or Thursday will be Veterans Lobbying Day, and Friday is the Moratorium. Also, the 14th, the Friday before the rally, is the IVAW CD Release Party. All of these events are on the calendar at

It seems we have seen and heard much of this before, yet these self-anointed "leaders" still have no meaningful results to show for their efforts, aside from declining attendance at each successive event. Apparently the organizers of this latest mob action are even further out of touch with reality, as they are apparently convinced that blockading recruiting offices and throwing temper tantrums in the halls of Congress will somehow produce a measurable positive response to their "grievances." Although these blithering idiots claim to care deeply about our troops and their families, their little "die-in" will only serve to dishonor the sacrifice of each and every name they exploit without the explicit permission of that fallen soldier's loved ones.

Image Hosted by
So, we are to believe these are Veterans for Peace who have the ANSWER to difficult questions which face the American people and their elected representatives? Kokesh and Tina Richards, self-anointed "CEO" of Grassroots America, pictured above just before they were arrested last week by U.S. Park Police for defacing public property, certainly aren't appearing to be particularly peaceful or wise to me.

Thankfully there will be a Gathering of Eagles, a group of true patriots coming to town to stand strong against International ANSWER and their anti-American ilk, and to keep a watchful eye over memorials to our veterans to prevent the possible defacing of these hallowed monuments to those who paid the ultimate price to uphold the strength and goodness of America the Beautiful.

Image Hosted by
Harry G. Riley (pictured above), a decorated veteran who over the decades has clearly accumulated the experience and wisdom to know of what of he speaks, puts it this way:
America and going to Washington, DC on September 15 is just about all that's on my mind these days and hardly anything different comes off my keyboard. Not necessarily that I want to travel, but what I'm driven to do...the threat posed to America by the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) rally cannot be ignored. I can't imagine not being there, God willing.

I can hardly wait to claim a spot on the street in DC, standing up for America, and sink my talons securely in my portion of the pavement. Yes, I'm claiming a portion of the streets that the left-over hippie generation think they still own.......wrong......the 60s are over, Eagles will be in town.

At the same time a sadness creeps into my heart over the disunity, disharmony, hatred, betrayal of our warriors, out right attack by a powerful evil enemy determined to destroy America, leading rank and file sheep that has literally no idea what they are doing, to destruction.

The poor ignorant souls that are brainwashed into thinking they are voicing and participating in a legitimate cause that will steer America on the correct course are totally blind to the background, motivation, and goals of the ANSWER movement. ANSWER is a communist based, Marxist organization filled with tag along radical groups to include Muslim extremists with the goal of destruction. These radical anti-war, anti-America, supporters of the Islamic butchers that are killing our warriors throughout the world must be stopped...their "hate America" shrill has been a thorn in the flesh of freedom loving Americans for decades...I've had enough, am sick of the "surrender attitude" in America that will be reversed again on September 15 as it was on March 17 this year.

Godspeed, Harry, and take comfort in knowing that despite the despicable rhetoric and actions by a small but vocal band of anti-American agitators and sycophantic miscreants, the vast, vast majority of our citizenry will continue to see things your way.

Moonbat de la Semaine

Courtesy of zombietime, this photo was taken the day after the 2004 election and reflects the deep levels of loathing and depravity far too many on the left are sinking to nowadays when the democratic process doesn't go their way.

Free Image Hosting at

Conspiracy Site de la Semaine

May heaven help those whose outlook on life in America is so dismal they would rely on this site as a source of "truth."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts on LiberalWorld2000

For the past several months I've been a regular reader of Rick Moran's Rightwing Nuthouse, which in my view is a consistently reliable source of some of the more thoughtfully written and well-researched social, cultural and political commentary in the blogosphere.

Today one of RWNH's resident left-wing trolls, tHePeOPle, was kind enough to encapsulate an "analysis" of the Republican front-runners, reverberating the most recent diatribe bouncing around the "progressive" blogosphere and drawing heavily on their shallow, juvenile and intolerant views of conservatives and Republicans in general, and "born again" Christians in particular, which apparently are imbued upon the already self-loathing minds of those taking the rite of passage into LiberalWorld2000.

Giuliani can’t win. He uses the same lame fear mongering crap over and over again and he’s been slapped down and exposed so much that people don’t buy into his lies anymore.

Mitt Romney? If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that this country will NEVER elect a mormon as president. Most base evangelicals would rather stay home than cast their vote for a Mormon. Those guys are like Christianities answer to Scientology.

Fred Thompson? He’s probably got a shot, but not because he’s so great. According to my research, he’d make a crappy president. HOWEVER, his wife is smokin’ hot. That will make a big difference.

The only guy I’ve seen from the republicans that I’d vote for is probably Ron Paul. He’s the only republican who’s actually a true republican conservative. This is probably why most republicans are scared of his words. Plus, he’s very intelligent and speaks the truth, not to mention he’s a F’ing doctor.

Most of the republican field are just US-lapel-flag wearing monkeys trying to get elected based on fear alone.

So many small-minded stereotypes, so little time.

Someone who purports to speak for “the people” should probably be spending a lot less time soaking up the effluent from AAR and other “progressive” propaganda mills, of course unless he's intending to speak only for the small minority of moonbats who’ve been hoodwinked into believing a) the purveyors of this contemptuous and dreadfully pessimistic perspective on America have their (and the country's) best interests at heart and b) the personalities, producers, authors, publishers, etc. actually care much more deeply about speaking the truth than their ratings, sales, salaries, incomes, or careers. (To his credit, the populist, heavily self-promoting "progressive" Ed Schultz is at least somewhat honest about the profit motive.)

Based on the mind-numbingly sophomoric attacks on Thompson’s character which are appearing with increasing frequency in some of the more dank corners of the "liberal" blogosphere, it is clearly the pathologically angry and intolerant people on the fringe left who are attempting to trump our political discourse with the "irrational fear" card. I truly pity those, on either side of the byline, who derive a sense of truth, justice, meaning, purpose and/or self-worth from the shallow and self-aggrandizing “journalism" practiced by such blatantly manipulative and dishonest people as Mike Papantonio.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel stated so poignantly and succinctly after a terrorist plot was foiled in Germany last week, "The lesson from this is the danger is not just abstract, it's real." It's the height of absurdity that so many "liberals" want to paint the Republicans in general and the Bush Administration in particular as "the enemy," when if anything the increased vigilance our government has instituted post-9/11 has prevented a repeat of such a horrific attack on our homeland.

Judging by the self-righteous, arrogant and condescending tone emanating from the simplistic and narrow-minded postings on "progressive" blogs such as DailyKos, Firedoglake, Crooks&Liars, MediaMatters and ThinkProgress, and the often vile, profane and hateful comments from their sycophantic chorus of cheerleaders which are allowed to stand unchallenged, it's fair to conclude that critical thinking, civility and the ability to agree to disagree respectfully on unsettled questions are not highly valued in many parts of the "liberal" blogosphere. Although the dearth of good manners, common decency and adult vocabulary comes as no surprise, the inability or unwillingness of the typical "progressive" to recognize and respond intelligently to a real danger posed by a real enemy is indicative of them having checked logic and reason at the entrance to LiberalWorld2000 as well.