Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Faux Progressives and Their Faux Wars

War on democracy. War on science. War on the environment. War on corporations. War on civil liberties. War on mainstream media. War on theocracy. War on reason. War on global warming. War on warmongers. "Progressives" need lots of bogeymen to incite the irrational fear and loathing fueling their agenda, which in turn culminates in lots of these little wars being declared, or alleged to have been declared by their "enemies."

Yet faux progressives still have the gall to ridicule O'Reilly's "War on Christmas," which at least has some basis in fact, considering how vestiges of our country's Christian heritage are being systematically purged from the public square by people who are deeply offended by a cross on a 100-year-old municipal seal design or "God Bless America" being sung at a public school function.

Granted, those on the conservative side are also guilty of exaggerating various threats to our society, culture and national security, however, unlike the faux progressives, at least they are trumping up dangers which are real to begin with.

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