Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Progressives" Waging Peace

As if the concept of "waging peace" is even logical to begin with.

Apparently these agitators are so preoccupied with heaping scorn on others they can't comprehend the truth about peace, i.e that it only exists in the absence of conflict.


Guido said...

The concept of "waging peace" is, in fact, quite logical. By promoting publicly the principles of nonviolence, protesters do their bit to spread a culture of peace to their fellow citizens. This is good, as our founding fathers intended for America to become a beacon of hope to the world, not a militarist, globally interventionist state. The wise founders, thusly, drafted a constitution that makes it incredibly difficult for the President to wage arbitrary wars by making war funding subject to Congress, the body with power of the purse.

And Parents "wage peace" every day when raising their kids: they instill in their kids morals and teach them that violence is wrong. And in the holiday season, do you also dismiss the goodwill of Christmas carolers who spread messages of peace and goodwill to men just because the results are intangible? Is not a smile, the thought that you may have made one's day brighter or given one a brief hope of a more peaceful world enough?

Anonymous said...

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