Friday, September 14, 2007

Center for American "Progress"

This left-wing propaganda mill, headed up by former Clinton Administration Chief of Staff John Podesta, has been bilking their supporters out of upwards of $25 million (close to $10 million going to salaries, benefits and consultants) based on 2005 Form 990 submissions to the IRS. With a mere 57% of contributions coming from the "general public," there are subversives with some pretty deep pockets lurking in the shadows behind this one.

Note the above numbers don't even include the $1.4 million burned up by their "action fund" (close to $1 million of that going to salaries, benefits and consultants).

What do they have to show for it? As just one example, anti-American tripe such as this, transparent as fine lead crystal to even a modestly objective individual, yet quite effective at manipulating the minds of the target audience which is financing it.

Apparently the hapless intern who penned it and the board of directors which approved CAP's disclosure page must have expected the reader to be in a state of "willing suspension of disbelief."
The Center for American Progress is a non-profit, non-partisan organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

An educational think-tank which is truly non-partisan wouldn't be releasing a slick, highly politicized video as a preemptive strike, specially crafted to undermine a planned address to the nation being delivered by the president of the United States during a time of war. It's pretty clear what kind of "progress" is envisioned by people who would engage in such despicable, underhanded tactics.

America continues to be a noble and good nation, and of course the vast majority of people want to live peacefully and justly, and help those who are the least among us to better their lives. Still, however much we agree on the overall direction, there is significant disagreement on how to accomplish those goals and their associated priorities.

Suffice to say the "liberation" which resulted from public policies (and attitudes) in 60s/70s has yielded its maximum benefit, and it is clear government programs (and further erosion of societal mores) are not the universal solution to issues rooted in ignorance and poverty.

Although most of the everyday people who give their time and/or money to these "progressive causes" probably do so with the best of intentions, they are kept so preoccupied with heaping scorn on their boogeymen (e.g. conservatives, Republicans, "born again" Christians) and cheering on their heroes (e.g. liberals, Democrats, "peace" activists) they do not take the time to think through what their plans would actually yield, i.e. "socialism lite."

Heaven help us if the likes of Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kuchinich become the norm on our political landscape rather than the fringe exception, as that will signal the end of the very freedom and strength which heretofore has maintained America as a shining beacon in the world.

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