Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moonbats vs. Patriots, Round Two

Moonbats are again converging on Washington D.C. this Saturday, September 15, to exercise their First Amendment right to act like complete imbeciles in public, presumably justifying their childish antics because they're unhappy about our current military action in Iraq and frustrated over losing credibility with each successive campaign to stop it. Sane and rational observers can only guess at what these malcontents and sociopaths hope to actually accomplish by staging yet another mass display of dysfunctional levels of anger and paranoia, while the event organizers continue to delude themselves into believing they will finally be taken seriously by ratcheting up the levels of hostility, which in reality have been steadily driving away potential supporters. Here are their goals, plans and tactics, in the words of Adam Kokesh, one of the prime instigators:
Dear Veterans For Peace,

As many of you are aware, the next big mobilization of anti-war protestors is going to be in Washington, DC on September 15th. However, you may not be aware of the significance of this particular demonstration. Tina Richards of Grassroots America and I have been working extensively with the ANSWER Coalition to make sure that this is not just another protest. We have made the theme, "Protesting is not enough. Come for the rally, stay for a week of direct action."

To kick off the week of action, after the rally we will march from the White House to the Capitol, and go straight into a mass civil-disobedience die-in around the Peace Monument. The die-in will be led by an Honor Guard of Iraq Veterans Against the War who will simulate a 21-Gun Salute before taps is played to initiate the die-in. We are asking as many members of VFP as possible to sign up to wear cammies and die-in around us to symbolize the American cost of this war. We will be encircled by bolts of red cloth to symbolize the Iraqi deaths and invite anyone else from the rally to participate in the die-in.

Sunday will be a day of teach-ins including a Truth In Recruiting Workshop led by IVAW. That evening, IVAW DC will be holding a benefit concert. Monday is National Truth In Recruiting Day, and there will be numerous activities planned and we will need your help with an action at the main recruiting office in DC. Tuesday is Congressional Challenge Day led by Tina Richards. Wednesday or Thursday will be Veterans Lobbying Day, and Friday is the Moratorium. Also, the 14th, the Friday before the rally, is the IVAW CD Release Party. All of these events are on the calendar at

It seems we have seen and heard much of this before, yet these self-anointed "leaders" still have no meaningful results to show for their efforts, aside from declining attendance at each successive event. Apparently the organizers of this latest mob action are even further out of touch with reality, as they are apparently convinced that blockading recruiting offices and throwing temper tantrums in the halls of Congress will somehow produce a measurable positive response to their "grievances." Although these blithering idiots claim to care deeply about our troops and their families, their little "die-in" will only serve to dishonor the sacrifice of each and every name they exploit without the explicit permission of that fallen soldier's loved ones.

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So, we are to believe these are Veterans for Peace who have the ANSWER to difficult questions which face the American people and their elected representatives? Kokesh and Tina Richards, self-anointed "CEO" of Grassroots America, pictured above just before they were arrested last week by U.S. Park Police for defacing public property, certainly aren't appearing to be particularly peaceful or wise to me.

Thankfully there will be a Gathering of Eagles, a group of true patriots coming to town to stand strong against International ANSWER and their anti-American ilk, and to keep a watchful eye over memorials to our veterans to prevent the possible defacing of these hallowed monuments to those who paid the ultimate price to uphold the strength and goodness of America the Beautiful.

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Harry G. Riley (pictured above), a decorated veteran who over the decades has clearly accumulated the experience and wisdom to know of what of he speaks, puts it this way:
America and going to Washington, DC on September 15 is just about all that's on my mind these days and hardly anything different comes off my keyboard. Not necessarily that I want to travel, but what I'm driven to do...the threat posed to America by the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) rally cannot be ignored. I can't imagine not being there, God willing.

I can hardly wait to claim a spot on the street in DC, standing up for America, and sink my talons securely in my portion of the pavement. Yes, I'm claiming a portion of the streets that the left-over hippie generation think they still own.......wrong......the 60s are over, Eagles will be in town.

At the same time a sadness creeps into my heart over the disunity, disharmony, hatred, betrayal of our warriors, out right attack by a powerful evil enemy determined to destroy America, leading rank and file sheep that has literally no idea what they are doing, to destruction.

The poor ignorant souls that are brainwashed into thinking they are voicing and participating in a legitimate cause that will steer America on the correct course are totally blind to the background, motivation, and goals of the ANSWER movement. ANSWER is a communist based, Marxist organization filled with tag along radical groups to include Muslim extremists with the goal of destruction. These radical anti-war, anti-America, supporters of the Islamic butchers that are killing our warriors throughout the world must be stopped...their "hate America" shrill has been a thorn in the flesh of freedom loving Americans for decades...I've had enough, am sick of the "surrender attitude" in America that will be reversed again on September 15 as it was on March 17 this year.

Godspeed, Harry, and take comfort in knowing that despite the despicable rhetoric and actions by a small but vocal band of anti-American agitators and sycophantic miscreants, the vast, vast majority of our citizenry will continue to see things your way.


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