Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts on LiberalWorld2000

For the past several months I've been a regular reader of Rick Moran's Rightwing Nuthouse, which in my view is a consistently reliable source of some of the more thoughtfully written and well-researched social, cultural and political commentary in the blogosphere.

Today one of RWNH's resident left-wing trolls, tHePeOPle, was kind enough to encapsulate an "analysis" of the Republican front-runners, reverberating the most recent diatribe bouncing around the "progressive" blogosphere and drawing heavily on their shallow, juvenile and intolerant views of conservatives and Republicans in general, and "born again" Christians in particular, which apparently are imbued upon the already self-loathing minds of those taking the rite of passage into LiberalWorld2000.

Giuliani can’t win. He uses the same lame fear mongering crap over and over again and he’s been slapped down and exposed so much that people don’t buy into his lies anymore.

Mitt Romney? If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that this country will NEVER elect a mormon as president. Most base evangelicals would rather stay home than cast their vote for a Mormon. Those guys are like Christianities answer to Scientology.

Fred Thompson? He’s probably got a shot, but not because he’s so great. According to my research, he’d make a crappy president. HOWEVER, his wife is smokin’ hot. That will make a big difference.

The only guy I’ve seen from the republicans that I’d vote for is probably Ron Paul. He’s the only republican who’s actually a true republican conservative. This is probably why most republicans are scared of his words. Plus, he’s very intelligent and speaks the truth, not to mention he’s a F’ing doctor.

Most of the republican field are just US-lapel-flag wearing monkeys trying to get elected based on fear alone.

So many small-minded stereotypes, so little time.

Someone who purports to speak for “the people” should probably be spending a lot less time soaking up the effluent from AAR and other “progressive” propaganda mills, of course unless he's intending to speak only for the small minority of moonbats who’ve been hoodwinked into believing a) the purveyors of this contemptuous and dreadfully pessimistic perspective on America have their (and the country's) best interests at heart and b) the personalities, producers, authors, publishers, etc. actually care much more deeply about speaking the truth than their ratings, sales, salaries, incomes, or careers. (To his credit, the populist, heavily self-promoting "progressive" Ed Schultz is at least somewhat honest about the profit motive.)

Based on the mind-numbingly sophomoric attacks on Thompson’s character which are appearing with increasing frequency in some of the more dank corners of the "liberal" blogosphere, it is clearly the pathologically angry and intolerant people on the fringe left who are attempting to trump our political discourse with the "irrational fear" card. I truly pity those, on either side of the byline, who derive a sense of truth, justice, meaning, purpose and/or self-worth from the shallow and self-aggrandizing “journalism" practiced by such blatantly manipulative and dishonest people as Mike Papantonio.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel stated so poignantly and succinctly after a terrorist plot was foiled in Germany last week, "The lesson from this is the danger is not just abstract, it's real." It's the height of absurdity that so many "liberals" want to paint the Republicans in general and the Bush Administration in particular as "the enemy," when if anything the increased vigilance our government has instituted post-9/11 has prevented a repeat of such a horrific attack on our homeland.

Judging by the self-righteous, arrogant and condescending tone emanating from the simplistic and narrow-minded postings on "progressive" blogs such as DailyKos, Firedoglake, Crooks&Liars, MediaMatters and ThinkProgress, and the often vile, profane and hateful comments from their sycophantic chorus of cheerleaders which are allowed to stand unchallenged, it's fair to conclude that critical thinking, civility and the ability to agree to disagree respectfully on unsettled questions are not highly valued in many parts of the "liberal" blogosphere. Although the dearth of good manners, common decency and adult vocabulary comes as no surprise, the inability or unwillingness of the typical "progressive" to recognize and respond intelligently to a real danger posed by a real enemy is indicative of them having checked logic and reason at the entrance to LiberalWorld2000 as well.

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